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I purchased a product from Alpha omega Labs..Amazon Topical Skin Creme. I originally ordered Cansema Black Salve. Can you tell me whether you are... Show more

hi all! Im trying to convince my mother to use the tonic for lung cancer. id like to find anyone who has gone through something similar before and... Show more

Does anyone know of any natural medicine that will help with skin tissue regeneration? After using the salve on a infected tissue, it has left a... Show more

JayBee How long have you waited? Perhaps giving it more time will be all you need to get the results you want. Time has all I have needed personally and... Show more 1 month ago

I have used the black salve for years. I had to use it on my legs, in my ears, arms, face, unmentionable areas, torso. I also began using the... Show more

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